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Why Stylish Organic Clothing is the Hit?- Healthy and Stylish!

Why Stylish Organic Clothing is the Hit?- Healthy and Stylish!


This post, “Why stylish organic clothing is the hit?” is my absolute heartfelt message for you all.

For years we have helped our world get polluted by buying clothing treated with hazardous chemicals. By doing so, we have allowed the industry to ruin many Asian, European, and South-American countries’ landscapes because our greediness has never stopped.

The enormous demand ( greed) has created worse conditions for the poor people in Asian and African countries depending on their jobs.

This site is a Beauty website, and you may think that this blog is not fitting this site. But I feel different!

How will we keep the Beauty of this world if we are not feeling responsible for our behavior?

The horrible conditions workers in these countries are pushed into have been reported by many newspapers. If we change our mindset and buy healthy clothes, we help them live in better conditions, earn more money, support their health and recovery.

Is this not a beautiful thought? By changing our mindset, we are forcing the industry to take responsibility for their choice of materials and how they let people work for them. I am in!

Organic vs. Chemical Treated Clothing

Not even needing to think about it, I am for everything that saves our planet and the people working for my comfort. You might not be knowing this topic, but there is so much information about it on the internet. Please keep yourself informed and spread the word.

Cotton plantages treated with water or pesticides by helicopters

The cotton on the plantages used to grow for our clothes, even in the USA, has been treated with herbicides and pesticides for decades. All that surrounding environment is polluted, even the water resources in the ground.

It is the same with the vegetables and fruits we eat daily buying in the supermarkets. Some countries are worse at using pesticides than others, but all countries do.

They have noticed that the Tullahan river’s water in the Philippines has multicolored effluent in the river water, rocks, and banks. You see, the fashion industry is not the only bad guy. There are many different industries located like paper, pen, and dye factories.

Some Asian rivers contain high toxic water, which makes life impossible in these waters. If you look up the statistics, you will be shocked. The clothing industry is only a part of all pollution and exploitation of people and the environment. You know the Palmoil,  the telecom industry, etc.

Our consumption leads to more clothes production than the planet can handle. The trend is the cheaper, the more we can buy, and today’s produce is tomorrow’s trash. This mentality needs to be addressed and changed by reinvesting in quality over quantity.

an older woman dressed extravagant with red glovesThe companies are allowed to use nature to dump their waste, and for decades pharmaceutical industry polluted the rivers in Europe by trashing their chemicals into the waters. If we want to save the earth, we need to rethink our behavior.

Unfortunately, the fashion industry has the power to influence trends, but fortunately, this influence can also be used to protect our environment.

Greenpeace is one of the active organizations that have fought for commitments on international brands, retailers, and suppliers to eliminate the dangerous chemicals to secure policy changes in Europe and Asia.

We need them to set the trend towards safe production of fashion products. Many companies have done their best to help this trend, and if you search the internet, you find brands who make beautiful designed organic fashion. There is no distinction in style anymore, but buying and wearing green fashion.

One company is Ash and Rose. By buying products via my site, I get a small commission without you paying more. 🙂

If you want to learn more about these facts, please explore Greenpeace’s site. Maybe you would like to join their organization!


What has Organic Made Clothing to Do With Our Health?

You can imagine that there is a connection between our health and the pollution of our planet. Everything is connected! So if we destroy our world, we destroy ourselves! There is no way around it!

Fast fashion is the new expression that describes our consuming behavior the best. The extension of the pollution is very well documented in this video about Ghana.

If you see that, for example, in China, rivers are changing their colors due to the pollution, you will cry. It is not possible! I mean, how can any fish or animal or people survive using this water for their daily needs?

We need to protect our water; especially we know enough countries are suffering from a drought that people and animals are dying, and horrible fires destroy huge areas. By releasing laws to protect our water by the governments, the industry will stop polluting our water supply.

People living near polluted areas can’t stay healthy. The chemicals are piling up in their bodies, which cannot detox the components and function properly. Our immune system is getting exhausted by the number of chemicals piled up in our bodies.

If you purchase cheap clothing treated with lots of chemicals,  you will most likely get that stuff into your body via your skin and nose.

That is why I buy a lot of clothing in secondhand shops, knowing they are already washed many times before I wear them, preventing the planet from drowning in trash. If I purchase nearly new clothing secondhand, I always check the labels. In this manner, I am on the safe side, avoiding buying clothes produced with dangerous chemicals. For me, it has become a lifestyle checking products for chemicals; it doesn’t matter if it is food, cosmetics, or fashion.

Our Environment and Organic Clothing

Most likely, you don’t know the facts if you don’t investigate the products and fashion companies how they have treated their supply. It has become a trend to let Asian countries, especially China, be the primary manufacturing suppliers globally.

In April last year, I went to get an ordered product for my sleeping room. Due to Covid 19, the seller told me that it hasn’t arrived; the virus has delayed my product’s shipping. I concluded that it must come from China and ask the seller that he didn’t want to tell me, but he finally confirmed my thoughts.

China is the world’s manufacturing superpower, even before the US. If you are interested, this link provides you with great information.

If we want to save our planet, we need to adjust our lifestyle and change our attitude towards consuming luxury products. Still making mistakes, I am well on my way to live a conscious life with less pollution, which is a global problem. We are all connected; saving our planet is the task of all of us, wherever we live.

How to Buy Organic Stylish Clothing?

Ash and Rose
Ash and Rose, organic clothing

First of all, organic clothes nowadays look fantastic. Now you can’t see the difference in the style, and knowing that their production is not burdening the environment gives me a significant amount of peace.

Also, a great plus point is that they are not that pricey anymore they used to be, so purchasing organically produced cosmetics, food, or fashion is payable. Some materials like cashmere, which is very classy and elegant, will always cost more money, but it is worth it.  Organic cotton doesn’t cost a fortune anymore, and there are excellent brands.

I love the elegant and classy style, which is not a problem to find online. I prefer to order online because I haven’t found a good boutique that sells organic clothing where I live. There are some fashion shops, but they are quite expensive. So I order online.

Throughout my posts, you find recommendations you could investigate, finding out if you like the style. Maybe you will find something. Most important, you can look terrific in organic clothing. 🙂

Final Thoughts

Women love fashion lifting us, combined with taking responsibility for the planet and people working in this fashion industry, we can provide much support and help the industry setting the trend. Purchasing stylish organic clothing supports our environment’s recovery, which is the most critical factor.

You will be amazed at how many fashion brands produce organic labels. Another beautiful company is Neu Nomads. Do you already buy organic products? I would love to know! Please tell us about your experiences. If you would like to learn more, don’t hesitate to ask me. I will provide you with more information.

All the Best,


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  • Ceci

    Hello Sylvia,
    Although I was aware of the conection between our health, pollution of the planet, and the overwhelm experienced by our immune system as it struggles to counter the influx of pollutants (chemicals) into the body, I had no idea about the conection to clothing.

    It was interesting for me to learn that clothes from secondhand stores are generally safer than if you were to buy cheap clothing that have usually been chemically since you could inhale the chemicals in the clothing and also get some of it into the skin.

    The concept of organic clothing is pretty new to me is a super advancement in bio-engineering , Do these clothing items have special identifier labels.

    • Sylvie

      Hi Ceci, yes, They have. They need to be identified as organic. You will always recognize the clothing as organic. Please try them they are so much healthier than our normal clothes. And they are quite nice. Thank you very much for your comment!

  • marketa

    Hi Sylvia,
    So, to buy second hand clothes is more beneficial than if I buy new? That’s really good to know. I always thought that to buy new clothes would be supporting the manufacturing industry. Thanks for this great insight 🙂

    • Sylvie

      Hi Marketa, Thank you very much for your comment! You might be right about supporting the manufacturing, and if it is a sustainable, organic producing company, I would say “Yes”. But most manufacturers are not working on regards to the planet. They do pollute the environment very much, a reason I have written this article. It is more about sustainability. Second-hand clothing help to reduce the waste and the toxins on the skin.:)

  • Hannie

    Do you know “De Correspondent”, Sylvia? It’s an online newspaper and they write about all kinds of themes. One of them being sustainable clothes. You will surely find it interesting. And if you don’t know it, let me know. I am a subscriber and am allowed to share articles, so I’ll send you a link.

    The most recent one is about the fact that shops and governments act as if clothes are perishable goods like food. They think it is normal and understandable that fashion dictates that a coat of 2020 simple isn’t done in 2021. Instead of promoting that people buy durable stuff and wear them as long as possible.

    I am glad you include this article on your website. Buying organic textile is good. I have some clothes of bamboo. But I rarely buy new clothes at all. 🙂

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