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Your Health Matters-Toxic Free Fashion!

In these times, it is so important to live sustainably. Your health matters – toxic free fashion is a topic close to my heart. There are still so many people buying intoxicated materials, from clothing to furniture, from cars to household products, not thinking about the devastating effects on their health and their children’s health. There is no area left where Big Industry is not producing cheap products containing many chemicals that have a hazardous effect on your hormones and cells.

When you are ill because of your toxic interior, clothing, cars, and food, you go to the doctor and receive even more health-wrecking medication from Big Pharma. The food you consume daily might be intoxicated with pesticides and herbicides, not killing only the bugs, but finally also you and your family.

I might be quite extreme regarding living relatively toxic free in some other people’s opinion, and I hope that I am. Our environment is crying because of all the toxins that burden our air, water, soil, killing insects, animals, and finally us. The earth needs to recover, and we need to come back from our consumption lifestyle, living more conscious towards Nature, a moment where nearly no toxins are necessary. We don’t need all the chemicals but common sense.

Toxic Industry

If you think about how the industry has grown very much in the last decades and how they have manipulated us to increase our consumption, you might not be surprised that the mountain of waste has grown accordingly. More produce, more profit, more possibilities for the consumer to change looks, and more waste on the planet. This has been an awful development. Young people have been growing up thinking that the planet is a supermarket. They have been the generation who just needed to enter a store, being able to purchase nearly everything. Cheap produce made in China, India, and other countries has given an opportunity and false security of buying everything. The big profiter is the industry. At one point, it started to produce in China so people could consume cheap products. The consumer and the producer in China and other countries and the environment have paid the price. Our health has suffered, many allergies, many autoimmune disorders developed, and lung diseases appeared, and the planet became unhealthy as well. Animals and plants disappeared, insects decreased. The climate changed, many storms and heat waves destroyed our environments and many lives nearly every year. Because of climate change, countries dried out, resulting in starvation and thirst. There are countries, especially in Africa, where people and animals have nearly no water left.

Your health matters-Toxinfree fashion
Foto door Mohamed Elshawry via Pexels

As a result of our consumption behavior, industry dumps the enormous waste in rivers, the sea, and the developing countries, creating a huge toxic environment where these poor people live. The environment in these countries is hopelessly polluted.

One of the worst industries is the fashion industry, where many toxins and chemical waste are being dumped into the rivers, even coloring them blue or red. The people who depend on living close to such a river are catching and consuming poisoned fish.

The Big Tech industry producing our technical devices is creating enormous damage by mining the necessary metals they need for our digital products, like copper, nickel, aluminum, lithium, tin, silver, and gold. The heavily damaged environment they are leaving behind is heavily polluted. This is devastating for the people who live in such areas.

nickel mine

Industry and our shopping behavior make it happen that we create possibilities for criminals to enslaving people and child work. It is our greediness that drives other people into poverty and destroys their countries! If we can live sustainably, the Earth will recover, the industry will rethink its strategies and produce toxic-free products.

We are the people and be able to force them. Wake up!!!

Toxic Pharma

The way how Toxic Pharma is acting is no secret. Following Monsanto, Beyer and others will show us a devastating manner of working.

Bill Gates, who is a billionaire, has lied to us. He has earned billions of Dollars while hiding behind a charity organization, Melinda and Bill Gates foundation. He manipulated people into donating to his foundation while he himself has invested in Big Pharma, earning so much profit. He killed many people in developing countries, especially children, experimenting with medications and vaccines. Shame on him!

I know managers who belong to Unicef, a foundation that supports children worldwide. They earn a huge income from our donations, a reason that I don’t want to support those foundations. It is a big lie! The administration facilities are broad and eat up huge amounts of the donation. You will never know if your money reaches a child in need or the account of such people. Charity and business are contrary, shouldn’t have anything to do with each other.

Big Pharma has worked its way to a monopoly, threatening doctors worldwide who don’t want to follow its rules. Behind Big Pharma stands a family that is the richest in this world, Rockefeller.

Doctors are forced to follow their laws, making us sick, prescribing medications that make us even worse, only to keep us in their idea of creating an income, making us depending on their patented medications by creating more symptoms.


Can you imagine? Our whole western health system is based on their rules. We are the milk cows.

But God has given us a beautiful immune system that takes care of most infections. Antibiotics are certainly a treasure but used in farming and hospitals like a bonbon is devastating for our bodies. Resistance is caused by the overuse of these antibiotics given to the animals and us.

If we would stop the giving out of patents, we will certainly stop the greediness for profits. The medications are polluting water and soil. People are so full of toxins that there is no way other than burning them when they have died. Otherwise, they are polluting the water and the soil.

We need water filters for our water system in our houses because of the medications, the toxic chemicals produced by Big Pharma and consumed by our fellow citizens.

Toxic Employees

When you look towards industry and countries like China and the other Asian or African countries, you will certainly confirm that industry has created modern slavery. The worse thing is that we have opened the industry’s door to treat their employees this way. We even didn’t ask what is happening! No, we just went shopping, buying everything we love for little money.

But if you follow the fashion industry in, for example, Bangladesh, you would see that the people who are producing our stuff are suffering in a disgraceful, disrespectful way, you even can’t imagine. They are kept as slaves, working nearly 24 hours, and are not paid. Do you want to support such a system, only to be able to buy cheap clothing or furniture so often as you like?

I don’t want that! Exploiting other humans is never what I will support. I rather renounce my comfort. We are all the same before God!!! And none should ever exploit someone else. They need their work, as we need our jobs. So, supporting other people to work a paid job with all social support is what we need to create, nothing more. I do watch the labels and try not to buy anything from countries that mistreat their people.

modern slavery in India, Fashion industry

The industry is responsible that people live in toxic environments, only to meet their own profit. But we are the mainspring, responsible for their action because we are greedy for consumption. Let us stop this!!

The people working for our luxury have no governmental support. They don’t know insurance. We need to build a better system where they earn good money to support their families and have a good health system they can afford. We can force the industry to be aware.

Your Health Matters- Toxic Free Fashion!

Buying clothing or other items has a responsibility included. Why is this? You and I are responsible for our own health, and you are responsible for your children’s health. By this, I mean responsible for keeping yourself and your family healthy. If you are on a low budget, you might be better off purchasing less but high-quality products that are not damaging your health.

We have only one planet, and your children and grandchildren should have a bright future. If you make the right choices today, you are creating a healthy future for your children. Most fashion industries nowadays produce fashion treated with harsh, unhealthy chemicals that penetrate our skin, lungs, and eyes and damage our bodies. But they will also and even worse damage the people who produce these products for us—the winner who makes a huge profit on our costs is the industry.

Sustainable Womenswear and Travel Essentials

Toxic free fashion is more affordable and modern than you might think. There are more organic companies than ever, and they produce beautiful, classy, elegant, stunning, and modern fashion. Companies like Ash & Rose, Neu Nomad, and companies that make high-quality shoes, or accessories like Susan Tancers handbags, make beautifully even artistically designed products. Check them out, and be beautifully surprised how gorgeous toxic free fashion can look like.

Svala python vegan tashi crossbody

More fashion companies want to produce sustainable but beautiful. Wherever you live, there will certainly be a great sustainable-producing company. If you want to know, please get in touch with me in the comment section, and I will provide you with companies. Let us save the planet and our future!

Want to buy beautiful, sustainable shoes? Dr. Liza or Bhava are beautifully made.

Final Thought

Your health matters; buy toxic free fashion, clothing, furniture, and other products. Help the planet to recover! But also, create a healthy future for your children and yourself. If you can’t afford to buy new but sustainable products, try out secondhand shops because these items are already used and washed and in this world. You can’t intoxicate yourself and your family anymore. But, go for healthy!

Please, let me know what you think! If you need a helping hand, don’t hesitate, but let me know. Let us together help our environment to recover.

All Your Best,



  • Christine

    I am allergic to pesticides and herbicides and I’ve always said that it’s a good allergy because pesticides and herbicides are bad, for us and our environment.
    I always buy clothes that have no animal products in them, that are basically cruelty-free, and when I see “made in India” or “made in China” on the tag I’m inclined not to buy it because of child labor and the working conditions in general (and the low pay). So many brands are sold at expensive prices but they are produced with cheap labor that gets paid a few cents per hour … it’s disgraceful.
    I also tend to buy thing that are locally made to support local businesses.
    It is time that we as consumers are more aware of what we buy and where it comes from.

    • Sylvie

      You are so right, Christine! I feel the same! I bought a blouse, and I thought it was of good quality. Later I saw it was made in China, and from that time on, I didn’t like it anymore. Most time, I watch the labels very precisely. My immune system can’t handle all the toxins, and I try to avoid them. But it is difficult in a crowded country like the Netherlands. I am sure you have a better option of living in the countryside of Mexico. I would love it so much living in the countryside.

  • Samantha

    Hi Sylvie,

    Thank you for such a meaningful and thoughtful article. Very well said that it is very important to live sustainably. We use anything and everything without giving a second thought to it which develops heaps and heaps of waste. Things that are made with substances that can be harmful to your health and as well as surrounding are mostly cheap.

    I was shocked to read that medications are polluting both soil and water. It is high time that we become a responsible citizen and think before polluting our mother nature. This article is a big eye-opener for many people out there including me who use things that can be very harmful and are unnoticed!


    • Sylvie

      Thank you very much, Samantha, for your comment! You are very right; we need to become responsible citizens! I believe we all can do very much to improve our lives, the planet. The irritating industry doesn’t want to change but to make profits. The world is not interesting to them. This needs to be stopped if we want a better climate. cooperations need to be stopped exploiting our environment and our lives. 🙂

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